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About the company

Glenn's Driving School has been providing quality Driver Education in Edmonton for the past 34 years.

Glenn's provides instruction on both automatic transmission and standard transmission vehicles. Because there is no additional charge for standard lessons, many students choose to learn to drive both vehicles.

In addition to the full Insurance Reduction Course for new drivers, the school also offers individual lessons tailored to the student's needs. This varies from a few hours' lessons for those who do not wish to take the full course, to those needing one or two hour brush-up/evaluation in preparation for their Class 4 test, or Class 5 Exit Test. Seniors who need to be re-tested may also book an hour or two so they can be more confident on the road test.

Because Glenn's does teach standard, Class 5 drivers who are wanting to purchase a manual transmission vehicle may also take a few hours to learn to drive the standard vehicle.

Glenn's also offers just the classroom course for those who need help in preparing to take the Class 7 written test. As well, additional tutoring is provided without charge to students who are having difficulty passing the test.

Some parents have told us that they have seen a marked improvement in their children's driving after having completed the classroom - even before they had taken any driving lessons!

Glenn's Driving School has maintained its high standard of quality in two ways. The school uses set lesson plans and routes. By having all lessons begin and end at the school, instructors are able to use these plans for the greatest benefit of the student. No matter what area of driving the students may be struggling with, the instructor knows exactly where to take the students to help them master the skills required.

Secondly, lessons always start in a quiet residential neighborhood and gradually building up to heavy traffic areas. This step-by-step approach to the training helps to build confidence in even the most nervous students, and guarantees a high success rate for the road test.

Because the traffic lesson have a heavy emphasis on safe lane changes and left turns, Glenn's graduates have an excellent safety record.

Students also appreciate the fact that they are alone with the instructor, and can more easily focus on their driving tasks.

Because of these things, the school has a high number of students who have been referred by formed students. As well, many of the students have family members who have also learned to drive at Glenn's. An increasing number of students are registered whose parents (and lately, also grandparents) received their own Driver Education at Glenn's Driving School. The parents are looking back 15 or 20 years or more, and still remembering their lessons at Glenn's so positively as to want their own children to have the same training. It is those recommendations that most reflect the quality of training at Glenn's Driving School.


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