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About the company – Canada’s # 1 Leasing Destination


Since 1990 LeaseBusters has been helping Canadians with their car leasing needs; whether someone needed to get out of their current lease or wanted to get into a late model leased vehicle, LeaseBusters has been Canada’s leading and most effective service provider.


LeaseBusters – Canada’s Leasing Alternative


Savings 1 – Getting Out of a Lease

LeaseBusters saves leasing customers thousands when they need to get out of their current vehicle lease.   Rather than paying out disposal and termination costs LeaseBusters finds the Seller a qualified Buyer to take over and assume the balance of the existing lease.  


Savings 2 – Getting Into a Lease

LeaseBusters remarkets qualified vehicle lease-take-overs as well as new vehicle leases to the Canadian leasing public.  Lease-Take-Overs are one of the best methods of vehicle leasing due to many factors including a shorter term option at a longer term payment, no upfront costs, great monthly payments, flexible kilometre restrictions and available cash incentives.


Savings 3 – Research a Lease

Canadians have come to know as one of the best leasing research websites in the marketplace.  Leasing customers often visit to find out what the fair market monthly payment for the vehicle(s) that they are interested in as well as some of the best automotive reviews that are found on


LeaseBusters – In House Leasing Experts

LeaseBusters and is not just an online classified marketplace; LeaseBusters is a full service organization that is staffed with licensed vehicle leasing experts that assist our Buyers and Sellers and Dealers on a regular basis.  LeaseBusters offers many additional services that are geared to helping customers get into and out of vehicle leases.


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