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395 Lewis Rd.
Stoney Creek , Ontario L8E 5N5

About the company

The right furniture can act as a home’s crowning glory, highlighting your personal style and creating the comfortable warmth that makes a house home. When investing in merchandise as personal as furniture it becomes imperative to receive quality furniture manufactured for durability and offered at valuable price that is why the community recommends shopping the best furniture store in Hamilton. As they are locally chosen Consumer Choice Award winners Stoney Creek Furniture is the place to shop where customer service is over the top.

Stoney Creek Furniture has been in service to the community by offering quality furniture for forty-seven years and has grown to host the largest furniture showroom in Canada. Boasting excellent service, selection and style the award-winning store features informed and helpful sales staff that remains eager to offer advice or direction. In addition to winning the Consumer Choice Award the Company has also enjoyed recognition as North America’s Retailer of the Year. The Company offers an in-home design service as well as name brand furniture ranging from accent tables to items for the bedroom and office. At Stoney Creek Furniture they help you with the careful selection of the furniture that will make your home perfection and that is why they are Consumer Choice Award winners and known as the best store for furniture in Hamilton.

The Consumer Choice Award has contracted service from a market research firm to annually analyze both businesses and consumers by the thousands. The surveys are created with the help of market research that is statistically accurate and designed to collect the expectations and opinions of given communities. Although initially established in 1987, by using third party research firms the selection processes has been perfected to ensure that all Companies honored are truly pillars within their community. 

The Consumer Choice Award has made it their goal to represent solely the businesses that have proven dedication to superior service and therefore seek to bypass negative or outsider influence. To preserve the validity of results the award process has eliminated the impending threat of extreme bias from advocate groups or any other industry propaganda.

The Consumer study is unsurpassed as it is designed based on specific criteria used to identify the most favored Companies in each community. By using open-ended surveys to collect authentic information the Consumer Choice Award is able to recognize social opinion and implement it to inspire better business thus performing a beneficial service for communities throughout North America. After taking the surveys the public is asked to vote on their choice of the top Companies listed and popular vote determines the recipients of the award. As it requires the popular vote of satisfied patrons to earn the coveted award Companies must strive to constantly improve the quality of product and level of service provided. When local businesses all put forth their best it helps to invite future clients and enhance sales thus the Consumer Choice Award is a positive impact to the economic climate. Also positive is the business at Stoney Creek Furniture as it has gained them the title as being the top furniture store in Hamilton.

Congratulations to Stoney Creek Furniture for their recent award for being the preferred furniture store of Hamilton and much gratitude due to the Consumer Choice Award for working regularly to promote excellence in business. Don’t settle for old furniture that you abhor, invest in new pieces to accent your homes décor. Consult the business webpage at to view an example of their elegant furniture selection and understand more about what has made them Consumer Choice Award winners.