Piatto Pizzeria & Enoteca


(902) 406-0909
5144 Morris Street
Halifax , Nova Scotia B3J 0B3

About the company

Piatto is a gathering place centred around a passion for fine food, fabulous wines, friends and family. Check out the little gems we've come across—diverse wines from across the globe, authentic Neapolitan wood-fired pizza, coffee and fabulous desserts—all in a casual atmosphere and with reasonable prices.

In our world, authenticity is big. Our pizzaiolo use ingredients and procedures regulated by the Italian governing association (VPN)—so you experience a "true" pizza like you would find in the energetic pizzerias in Naples, Italy (but without the airfare).

Piatto's pizzaiolo have been trained and are accomplished at making traditional artisan pizzas. We use ingredients and procedures protected by the Italian governing association so you taste a “true” Neapolitan pizza the way you would in Naples, Italy. Piatto is the first pizzeria in Atlantic Canada to receive the prestigious VPN-certification from Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (VPN). Here's how it works:

It all starts with Tipo 00 flour (extremely low in gluten). Its fine, silky-smooth texture is key to the indescribable lightness of the Neapolitan crust. Only fresh yeast and sea salt are used. Our dough is hand-stretched on marble (no machines; no rollers) as it has been in Naples for over 200 years.

San Marzano tomatoes (bright and naturally sweet) originate in the volcanic soils of Mount Vesuvius and are one of the select tomatoes used in “true” Neapolitan pizza. We add fresh, hand-sliced fior di latte mozzarella, basil and only the best ingredients to maximize flavour and aroma. After 90 seconds in a 900°F wood-fired oven, the cornicione (crust) displays its distinctive black blisters and signals it's ready to serve.