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About the company

Since 1996, the Credit Counselling Society (CCS) has been helping Canadians resolve their financial challenges, solve their debt problems and get back to enjoying a life free of debt and financial stress. CCS offers free, non-judgemental credit counselling sessions and a whole host of free online workshops on a variety of budgeting and financial topics.


In 20 years helping Canadians, CCS has helped over 500,000 clients, educated over 47,000 through workshops and webinars, helped their clients pay back over $325,000,000 in debt and get their financial lives back on track.


With 22 offices from Ottawa, Ontario to Vancouver Island, British Columbia, CCS is the largest non-profit credit counselling agency in Canada. It has won multiple Consumer Choice Awards in 7 cities across Canada, which is no surprise since 97% of its clients consistently say they would recommend the service to others.


The Mission of the Credit Counselling Society is simple: We Help. We Educate. We Give Hope.


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    Suite 400 - 88 Sixth Street
    New WestminsterBritish Columbia   V3L 5B3
    (888) 527-8999