Advantages of being a top-ranked company

Market-Exclusive; Third Party Validation and Endorsement

You can’t buy this award; you have to earn it with hard work and consistent high levels of great customer service. Only companies that have gone through our Four-Step selection process and have been ranked #1 in their respective category are ultimately selected and showcased to the public.

It is more than an award; it is the opportunity to set your company apart from all other companies in your industry and tell everyone with a powerful message that sets you apart from your competitors.  Only the top-ranked companies in your area are recognized and offered the rights to use our seal of business excellence in all your marketing communications.

The Consumer Choice Award seal is the symbol of this recognition and provides the exclusive rights to the recipient company.  

No COMPETITOR can duplicate that, and no amount of advertising can buy that kind of credibility.  This award provides your company with a very powerful validation of your customer satisfaction and business excellence.

Increase Your Reach Effectively

Get the opportunity to be associated with other award-winners and be promoted in a multitude of traditional and online marketing initiatives in your market.  All award-winners are promoted in all mediums throughout the year.


  • Award Plaque
  • Award Ceremony
  • MarketWired
  • Consumer Choice Award Webpage
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Outdoor and Transit
  • Movie Theatre

Do more with less

Take advantage of our buying power and creative team to develop customized tailored marketing campaigns exclusive to you. You have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of marketing initiatives in both traditional and online media. Our marketing team will guide, assist, and make recommendations to suit your needs and budget.

All of our programs are turn-key because we do the work for you. They are exclusive because they are available to our award-winners only.  Our Winners gain access to advertising channels they might not otherwise have access to or that on their own might be cost prohibitive.

Our marketing specialist group will ensure your campaigns are painless and flawlessly executed by guiding you throughout the process.

Consumer Choice Award enables you to SIMPLIFY the marketing of your business!

Strong Consumer and Customer Leads

We drive motivated buyers and qualified consumers directly to you.  Your customized Consumer Choice Award-Winner profile page provides a third party reference and high quality back-links to your own website to establish a strong online presence for your company. The Consumer Choice Award profile page is built to achieve optimal SEO ranking results for keyword search engine enquiries.

Your optimized profile page will provide you with unprecedented click through rates when consumers search for specific services and businesses in a specific market area.

Your profile page is an amazing source of the highest quality, in-the-market-now, and most importantly, qualified leads to your business.

Award-Celebration & Networking

Consumer Choice Award is a real award, with a ceremony designed to enable you to celebrate your achievement with your staff. And when you attend the award ceremony, you’ll be photographed while meeting and mingling with all other top-ranked companies in your market.

This event is first and foremost, a celebration, but it also provides you with tangible rich content to share with your customers and perspective customers through social media.  It is also an ideal networking opportunity to connect with potential business partners, and for speaking with other excellence-minded business owners.

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