Lions Park Denture Clinic


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1521 - 19 St. NW
Calgary , Alberta T2N 2K2

About the company

The "Lions Park Denture Clinic" is being recognized by the public for our caring service, the quality of workmanship and the level of professionalism we've presented. We are the honored recipient of the "Consumer Choice Award" and we would like to thank everyone who participated in this event. The office has been established since 1989 and while we have had some additional locations throughout the years allowing us to expand our clientele from several communities, we have settled into this one location where we can see the clients for their appointment and have the laboratory to construct the dentures on site as well. We have a network of dental professionals we are able to refer our patients to for dental procedures and oral surgery which encompasses implant surgery as well, to whatever other health issues arise. Once the client has had the initial consultation where we offer all the information to our clients that they require to proceed with this major decision and after they have made their decision, we will guide them through the steps they take. As a courtesy to our client we will submit an estimate to their insurance plan then direct bill to the insurance plans as well which eases their financial obligation somewhat. We want to keep in touch with our clients to keep them happy with their dentures and to welcome them back to continue the healthy cycle of oral care.
Our location: 1521 - 19th Street NW, Calgary, Alberta is relatively easy to find on the corner of 19th Street and 14th Ave. NW, about a half a block south of 16th Ave. (Trans Canada Highway) in a little strip plaza which isn't far from the North Hill Shopping Centre. We want to be there for you when the time comes for you to get the smile you've been waiting for.
Lions Park Denture Clinic
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