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About the company

   Proudly serving the City of Toronto for nearly a decade, Monster Plowing Company has grown from its local roots to become the most accredited and trusted brand-name snow plowing company in Toronto. We take snow and ice management very seriously, and our entire operation is solely dedicated to providing snow and ice maintenance services to Toronto's institutions, businesses, and homes. Our clients can be confident that they will enjoy a professionally maintained property which is clean, safe, and free of snow and ice all winter long. We are Toronto’s leading independent snow removal service, trusted by hundreds of leading business owners, property managers, and homeowners.
   Monster Plowing Company offers all-inclusive service, flat rate pricing, unlimited snowfall coverage, and the best customer service in the industry. Exclusive to Monster Plowing Company, our industry-leading Seasonal Service Packages are designed to deliver the most suitable service level and timing for your property’s specific needs, specifications, and budget. With GPS enabled tracking and dispatch, on-board truck cameras, automated route optimization, and digital up-links between our crews and head office, its no surprise that our customers can always completely depend on us. 
   Monster Plowing Company is touted as Toronto’s finest snow removal service, but we are confident that our top-notch work ethic, dedication, innovation, and earnest commitment to the job will speak for themselves. 
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